The fund

HMG Globetrotter is not just another emerging market fund but an international equity fund. The management of this fund is carried out using value considerations whereby we choose shares of companies whose intrinsic value is ultimately higher than what is reflected in the current stock market price. Since its creation, most of the opportunities we have had, have been in the emerging market countries.

The fund goal is to generate growth in the invested capital, by taking positions in companies whose main revenue is produced in emerging countries. These companies are subsidiaries of big European companies and are listed in emerging countries. They may have an agreement with a European group which gives them a decisive competitive advantage or they are European companies whose main income are realized in emerging countries.

The method of investment and the nature of the companies in the fund’s portfolio allow the investor to maintain prudent risk profile rather than directly investing in emerging market companies.

The fund's benchmark is the MSCI AC World in EUR.

This fund does not take ESG criteria into account.


The UCITS presented hereby is authorized for distribution in France. Not all UCITS are suitable for every investor. The risks and charges related to investing in a specific UCITS are detailed in the KIID (Key Investor Information Document) on that UCITS, which can be downloaded from this website. The KIID must be made available to the subscriber prior to purchase.

The fund's performance

Performance History

Performance chart (base 100 au 1 July 2005)

Past performance are not indicative for the future. They are not constant..

Type : Part I
Catégorie : Actions internationales
Code ISIN : FR0010201459
Frais d'entrée : Aucun
Frais de sortie : Aucun
Frais de gestion : 1,25%
Commission de mouvement : 0,36%
Commission de surperformance : 10% au-delà du MSCI Emerging Markets Daily Net TR
Souscription minimum : 10 000 € pour la 1ère souscription (puis 10-millième de part)
Eligible PEA : Non
Notation Morningstar : QQQQ

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