1991 : Creation of the company by Laurent Hauvette, Richard Michelin and Marc Girault. The business started with discretionary management for private clients.

1993 : HMG Finance was awarded a mandate for the management of the Eurofin Bank Découvertes fund. This was the start of HMG Finance in collective management and the approach to institutional clients.

1995 : Creation of  HMG Rendement mutual fund (a diversified fund predominantely invested in bonds) in order to provide a yielding instrument for our managed accounts. Direct investment for these clients was difficult because of the expense involved.

2005 : creation of  HMG Globetrotter fund (international equity fund). This fund has provided an original way to access growth outside Europe. Since then, HMG Finance has successfully continued offering this product to its institutional clients and also to private banks and multimanagers.

2008 : HMG Finance acquired full rights to the Découvertes fund from HSBC (Eurofin bank had been previously bought by the CCF, which in term was bought by HSBC).

2010 : HMG Finance opened its services to another type of client: the CGPI and the family offices.



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