The fund

HMG Rendement is a diversified bond fund aiming to achieve long term performance. The fund’s management philosophy is opportunist, value driven and contrarian. This philosophy is a speciality of HMG Finance and lies behind the results and performance obtained. The freedom of choice of investment for the managers is what sets HMG Rendement apart from most other bond funds.

Since 2008, the fund is mainly invested in perpetual and convertible corporate bonds. The fund benefits from the value and contrarian approach, characteristic of our company.


How do we select our investments? We pick out high-yielding investments with a high potential for price appreciation. Intrinsic value is the first consideration, followed by liquidity and volatility. We tend to favour perpetual bonds, convertibles and highyield equities.

HMG Rendement is managed on the basis of our own ideas and convictions. We may hold positions against the flow of the market. The fund’s long term performance is amongst the best of the diversified bond funds but the unit price may sometimes be subject to strong fluctuations (as in 2008).


The UCITS presented hereby is authorized for distribution in France. Not all UCITS are suitable for every investor. The risks and charges related to investing in a specific UCITS are detailed in the KIID (Key Investor Information Document) on that UCITS, which can be downloaded from this website. The KIID must be made available to the subscriber prior to purchase.

The fund's performance

Performance History

Performance chart (base 100 au 29 December 2017)

Past performance are not indicative for the future. They are not constant..

Type : Part C
Catégorie : Fonds Mixtes
Code ISIN : FR0013304763
Frais d'entrée : 2,50% maximum
Frais de sortie : 1% maximum
Frais de gestion : 1,50%
Commission de mouvement : 0,36%
Commission de surperformance : 10 % de la performance du FCP supérieure à 10 % sur la période de calcul de la performance
Souscription minimum : 1 part
Eligible PEA : Non
Notation Morningstar : QQ